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How to get New Customers for your hair Removal Laser Company

Laser Hair removalLaser technology is now widely used as a treatment for a number of skin complaints, tattoo removal, and even hair removal. Many people harbour acute insecurities about unwanted, particularly dark or coarse, or easily noticeable hair on parts of their bodies, and will examine a number of methods by which they can remove it. Laser treatment requires a number of sessions to be completely effective, but it is a painless process that is considered the most permanent when compared to other hair removal methods.

To acquire more customers and clients in the business of laser hair removal can be challenging, as it is a very specific product that many people will only possess minimum knowledge of. However, the target market for this product is also very specific; people who are suffering from unwanted hair.

Are you an authority on laser hair removal?

The main focus of attracting new customers should be to establish yourself, or your business, as an authority on laser hair removal. As mentioned, the general public will have next to no knowledge of the intricacies and procedures involved with laser hair removal, but those with unwanted hair will have a decided interest in finding out more, yet before they undergo any cosmetic procedure, they will want to feel confident that the provider they have chosen is 100% competent and highly knowledgeable. Wouldn’t you?

To be seen as an authority, and provide potential customers with solid reassurance, it is a good idea to clearly explain the process of laser hair removal on a page on your website. This should be an extremely detailed explanation, covering the origins of laser treatments,  the types of laser involved, how the laser works, the biology of the hair follicle; everything that belies you are an expert at what you do. However, you should also be sure to make this explanation as clear as possible, without using any complicated language that may confuse readers and turn them away.

Building relationships with potential customers

As an addition to this information, which should be easily accessible on your website, you could also offer an exclusive e-book, containing specific information about laser hair removal. Offering this e-book on your website will unconsciously establish you, or your business, as an ‘author’ in the customers mind, lending more weight to what you say and helping to establish a positive reputation. When offering an e-book, be sure to protect it behind a data capture form, where the customer must first enter their name and email address to gain access to the book. Doing this will mean you can build a list of customers with which you can nurture through email campaigns, further building a relationship and lending you authority. If your business deals with other laser procedures, such as acne treatment, or tattoo removal, you can publish an e-book for each area.

To further build a relationship with potential customers it is also good practice to film a number of videos to upload to your Youtube account; these can then be embedded on your website and circulated across your social media accounts. The focus of these videos should be the same as your website and the e-book; simply explaining the various elements and details involved in laser hair removal. The reiteration of this information will reinforce the air of authority in your customers’ mind, but it will also allow them to ‘put a face to a name’, demonstrating that you and your business have a personal side, and like to be familiar with your customers. The addition of videos will also help with your SEO and boost your page ranking.

As an example, watch the video below where, in an interview, Dr Neil White from Laserase Wales talks about laser hair removal.